Half Moon Cookies



Hi There!

I had been successful in the financial world for 14 years, however, I have always loved baking ever since I was a little girl. I loved spending as much time in the kitchen as possible with my mom, and my grandparents as a little girl. 


So, it was only natural that as my family began to grow I started doing more and more baking for family events and holidays. 


During Christmas in 2019, I brought a batch of holiday cookies to one of my neighbor's house for a holiday party.  People at the party repeatedly told me how amazing they tasted and how beautiful the cookies were. My neighbor began sharing my cookies with not just her family but with her friends, also. From there I started getting requests for orders and I started my business as a part-time gig out of my love for baking.


Fast-forward to today and I recently gave birth to my 4th daughter (yes, my husband and I have quite a streak going!) and I decided to stay home with my girls and create cookies full-time. This allows me to have more involvement in my girls' life whether it's school, after-school events, family/friends events, and so on. What's more, is that I use baking as a way to strengthen my bond with my babies!


I use what I've learned from my mom and grandmom as a foundation to make my baking skills even better. I like to think that Amanda Kaye Creations is my family's way of spreading love back into the world with every batch, with every cookie. I do pay close attention to detail and I really enjoy being creative with all my baked goods. Each and every cookie you receive from my kitchen is truly a unique piece of edible art, full of love from my family to you!